Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick Days

Sunday night through Monday, February 11 Clara was sick and I stayed home with her. Just five days later, Spencer got sick. He was sick until Tuesday evening. We missed cousin camp that weekend with all the Hoyt cousins, but Spencer was down.  He slept almost all of Saturday and over half of Sunday.  As soon as Spencer got better, Clara got sick again on Friday. But she is back healthy and sledding in all our snow today.

Snow Day

Clara and I had a snow day on Wednesday, January 30. Clara learned how to blow a bubble, and Spencer learned how to walk-just two days shy of being 14 months old!

Valentines Day


Clara made a laptop for her Valentine box.


We waited and waited for Hayden to wake up from his nap so we could play with him for a minute.

Mizzou Gymnastics

Eric and I took Clara to see the Mizzou gymnasts vs LSU.  She loved gymnastics so much during the Olympics we thought she would like to see it live.  I think she liked the idea, but she was interested in people watching, keeping track of Truman the Tiger, and getting snacks.  She still had fun.

Throwback Pajamas

Clara and Spencer are wearing my old pajamas. Thanks mom for saving EVERYTHING!

Meeting Reid

Clara sent a hat with me that she made for Reid.
 Mom and I went to D.C. to over MLK weekend so I could meet Reid!
Vince and I went on an 11 mile run around D.C. Monday afternoon after inauguration.